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Ditengah carut marutnya situasi pasca badai krisis ekonomi yang berimbas pada krisis multidimensi tiba tiba kondisi bangsa ini menjadi sangat memprihatinkan. Sebagai anak bangsa yang meyakini akan adanya Sang Khalik, tidak sepatutnya membiarkan hal ini terus terjadi. Maka dengan teriakan lantang, seorang Ary Ginanjar mengukuhkan Visi Indonesia Emas 2020. Satu Visi yang menggetarkan hati nurani. Satu kesadaran kita. Dan tiba tiba visi ini menjadi mimpi semua orang. Menginspirasi setiap insane di negeri ini.
Untuk mendukung terwujudnya visi ini, beberapa Alumni ESQ berkumpul dan mendirikan lembaga, dengan moment pertama pemberian bantuan kepada korban bencana Tsunami Aceh.
Ternyata aktivitas lembaga ini terus bergerak mendapat sambutan hangat dari tiap Alumni ESQ penuh semangat. Maka dalam pejalanannya lembaga ini resmi menjadi lembaga kemanusiaan ESQ. Selain menggali donasi lainnya lembaga ini secara resmi juga menampung dan menyalurkan dana Zakat, Infaq, dan Shodaqoh, hal ini dilakukan berdasarkan SK BAZNAS No. 05 Tahun 2006.

is nutella really the bestHere’s the problem. From that distance, kickers made 96 percent of their attempts.. The bodyguard cheap oakleys sunglasses then grabbed Brown by his arm and pulled him toward his tour bus, which was parked nearby, it said.Brown and the bodyguard were taken into custody and were being held at the Second District police station, police said. Both men were later transferred to a central jail cell block for processing, police said,Parker was treated for a bruised and swollen face at a hospital and released, police spokesman Anthony Clay told CNN.Brown was in Washington to host a “homecoming party” cheap football jerseys at The Park at Fourteen nightclub Saturday Cheap Jerseys from china night, according to his Twitter feed, just four blocks away from where he was arrested Sunday morning.. He has an unbelievable ability to learn and learn fast.”Off the field he’s an extremely great guy. People will be shocked with how he represents (the Bucs).”In selecting Winston, the 2013 Heisman winner who a former Florida State student said sexually assaulted her, though he said the sex was consensual and was never charged or arrested, the Bucs passed on Mariota.While he has been a model jordans for sale citizen, some questioned his having barely taken any snaps behind center in Oregon’s quick tempo attack. Louis Rams, Sherman shifted from his traditional role patrolling one side of the field to move into the slot. If Sherman reprises that role Sunday, he’d be squaring off against the Green Bay Packers’ most explosive target in Randall Cobb.Seahawks coach Pete Carroll refused to reveal his plans for Sherman but said he liked what the switch brought to the defense.”Putting Richard inside it allows him to use all of the savvy and the instincts that he has,” Carroll said. These strains grew nearly as rapidly on minimal media containing lolines as a sole carbon source as with other compounds such as sucrose. No growth of any of 11 other laboratory or other plant associated bacterial strains tested was observed in loline containing minimal medium under these same conditions (Supplementary Table S1). If all the measures were to become law, they would wipe out the deficit savings Congress passed less than two years ago in the deal that headed off the so called fiscal cliff. In that deal, Bush era tax cuts were allowed to expire only on income above $400,000, returning about $600 billion to the treasury over 10 years.. I fail to see the news here. The NFL is a place where you can beat nfl jerseys cheap your wife and play again. I hiked in from the Crested Butte side, over the pass, making it about 10 miles. A serious hike but gorgeous scenery all the way, especially a tundra like basin just below the pass.
But if it does end for Donovan McNabb, he’s had an incredible career. And people in Philadelphia are very, very harsh on McNabb because they never won the Super Bowl. They only got there once. They lost in four other NFC championship games, and so there is that level of disappointment.The two layer polymer construction offers a wide variety of benefits that make Tervis tumblers a great addition Cheap NFL Jerseys to any kitchen. Both kids and adults enjoy the simple but effective style and design. Some of the most popular benefits of a Tervis insulated glass include: Highly Condensation Resistant Since the inside contents of the glass are separated from the outside later of the tumbler, very little if any condensation wholesale jerseys can build up on the outside of the glass. Used to heat lukewarm drinks in the microwave, freeze ice in the freezer, and when you’re done, they can be washed safely in the dishwasher. They Float Tervis tumblers are great to use boating or by the pool. If one would happen to fall into the water, it would be easily retrievable, because of their buoyancy. Made In America Another great reason ray ban sunglasses to buy a Tervis tumbler compared to knock offs, is the fact that they are made in America, by just over 400 people working at their Venice, Florida factory. Customize What draws the majority of people to Tervis insulated drinkware, is the hundreds of possible personalized tervis tumblers you can buy. Whether it be your name, company, school, or ray ban outlet favorite sports team, there is a personalized Tervis tumbler waiting to be made for you.All major manufacturers recommend that installation be completed out of the water. In order to minimize turbulence and aeration around the unit, do not mount the transducer along strakes, behind thru hull fittings or other hull irregularities as they can cause unusual disturbances around the transducer and cause improper readings. Palmer late career renaissance was just getting underway when he suffered the second ACL injury of his career. It did not take him nearly as long for him to find his form the second time around. He posted career bests in passer rating, yards and touchdowns for the Cardinals in 2015. Of course, having the best supporting cast in football certainly helped him bounce back.Take hair clipping from a hockey jerseys barber shop, put them in pantyhose, and use the leg shaped hair balls to soak up oil from oil spills in the ocean. Sure, it take a boat load of hair filled nylons to make a difference, but they cost nothing but oakley outlet time to make.actually putting kitty litter in the pantyhose cheap nfl jerseys to soak up oil works much betterAlso Kitty Litter in the panty hose works as a Hang up to remove extra moisture in the air from a damp area of one house.

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Among other changes to the depth chart, the Cardinals are sliding Andre Ellington to the No. 2 running back spot after Chris Johnson was placed on injured reserve this week. But in some ways his real jaw dropping answer comes when I ask whether he would not say Hitler was evil. “I would say that ‘My name is Hamza Abdullah and the person that I have to be accountable for is Hamza Abdullah’.” He than adds, “There is only one judge and that’s God. A few gaming applications and some others still do not work well Cheap Ray Bans with Internet Explorer 8. This may result in sudden IE8 shutdowns. “I would love for a regular student to have a student athlete’s schedule during the season for just one quarter or one semester and show me how you’ll balance that,” Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman quipped last January. Sherman, however, plays football professionally. This is a movie that only the adult siblings and cousins should probably go see together.On that note, “The Hateful Eight,” Quentin Tarantino’s bloody, violent post Civil War era drama about bounty hunters who become intertwined with a group of strangers one deadly night, isn’t exactly a film the whole family can Cheap Jerseys From China enjoy.Movies that will inspire a lot of discussion:Conventional wisdom says you shouldn’t talk politics or religion or finances at the dinner table so if that’s the case in your family, you should probably avoid these movies.However, if you’re not afraid of sparking some topical cheap jerseys discussion, there are several flicks to help cheap authentic jordans you out. “The Big Short,” the drama that explores the mid 2000s housing bubble and financial crisis, has an A list cast (Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell); you’ll leave the theater learning some new facts, along with being confused and possibly outraged.Critical favorite “Spotlight” centers on the Boston Globe investigative reporters who broke the story of abuse within the Catholic Church that had been covered up for years.And “Concussion” (controversial for the NFL and anyone who enjoys football) stars Will Smith as the Nigerian born neuropathologist who linked a brain disease caused by head trauma to the reason former NFL players were committing suicide.Movies that will inspire zero discussion:If your family wants to kill a few hours with an entertaining cheap nfl jerseys but ultimately forgettable movie experience, your best bet is “Daddy’s Home.” Will Ferrell plays a nice guy trying to earn the respect of his new stepkids when their cool, macho dad (Mark Wahlberg) rolls into town.
True holograms cheap oakleys reveal distinct pictures, but the hologram on counterfeit goods “really is nothing more than a shiny sticker,” McNair said.”We’ve got (counterfeit) hats, shirts, telephone cases, it runs the gamut,” said John Chakwin, head of ICE’s Dallas office and the federal coordinator for Super Bowl security.Chakwin said much of the contraband is manufactured in China and smuggled into the country in containers with fraudulent paperwork. Shirts, for instance, could be listed as bedsheets.The sale of counterfeit goods results in lost duties and federal and local taxes, Chakwin said.The fake sporting goods market also contributes to people who counterfeit other products, including fake pharmaceuticals, and batteries and other goods that have not been tested and could be dangerous.. And now my two little dreams are fulfilled in an Angry Bird loving 3 year old and an almost walking (be still my heart) 1 year old. There are many more milestones to meet.. Once you get going, one partner can call out a number between two and five and the other partner, with the ball, must continue to juggle that number of times before passing it on. The Brazilian walk drill is performed with a partner, who trails behind you with a ball. Last Sundays 6 6 tie between Seattle and Arizona was remarkable from many aspects, but jordan retro 11 one of the lasting memories was the reactions from Arizona coach Bruce Arians and Seattle coach Pete Carroll to a pair of short missed field goals in overtime that could have won the game for either team. (AP Photo/Ross D. The evening bags can become a pass par tout for all social occasions for next season, the leather is absolutely the protagonist of this season, mostly in neutral colors such as beige and black, which can be matched to any clothing. A lot of bags have double long handles that allow to be worn as a handbag or a shoulder bag. So what that’s doing is strengthening up all the muscles cheap jerseys wholesale along the spine as well as core because those abdominals are keeping you from falling over. Another great one, come all the way down. SS Robert Golden (hamstring) and LG Ramon Foster (chest) also didn’t return in the second half for Pittsburgh. WR Eli Rogers injured his toe in the third quarter and didn’t return. It’s really not my place to speak on cheap jerseys wholesale that. Unfortunately, in the court of public opinion everyone has formed their opinion, but we’re still in America and you’re innocent until proven guilty of any crimes.”. One of the most conservative Democrats in the House a freshman who said he couldn support Nancy Pelosi again is going to switch wholesale nfl jerseys over to the GOP. Griffith switch isn an enormous surprise and he had bucked the party on almost every major vote.
Manziel’s immaturity off the field is well documented and the team that drafts him has to be sure that he will buy into their program. The one thing I do know is that on game day, Manziel is as competitive a player as you will ever see. Scouts have told me that he has matured in the last year and his game preparation and leadership were much better in 2013 than in 2012. I think there is a lot of “special” to Manziel fake Oakleys and he will be a very good NFL player. It would not surprise me cheap jerseys to see him drafted in the top five. He could very well be the first quarterback selected.Of course, because the military loves both efficiency and harsh discipline, one of the spanking machines was lent to the brave soldiers at . But the Spankulator 3000 wasn’t used to punish particularly naughty soldiers. The Augusta training base implemented the device to teach a soldier to fire his rifle properly. If he didn’t squeeze it just right, a spring loaded paddle would whack the poor guy in the ass until he could figure out how to hit a bull’s eye.The name of a drug is a crucial part of its marketing. The antidepressant Prozac, for example, is meant to sound sciency, while the drug Sarafem, which is targeted at women, sounds distinctly feminine. (It’s also pink, because . And we’re not saying that Prozac doesn’t treat those symptoms; it might (we’re not doctors). We just think that tricking people into wholesale jerseys taking drugs they wouldn’t otherwise take is a moral gray area, although it could be forgiven if it was done for noble intentions. Like, say, if women suffering from PMDD really needed to take Prozac but were avoiding it due to its negative association with depression. That, however, is not what happened here.Halfway down the chimney she got stuck, and with her boyfriend away there was nobody to hear her cries for help as she hung wedged in what would ultimately become her soot caked final resting place. Friends and family immediately began searching for her when she didn’t show up to work, but nothing turned up until the ray ban outlet boyfriend’s house sitter showed up to water the plants. Upon entering the house, the house sitter immediately noticed an overpowering stench, and found the fireplace filling with and this is ray bans ale a technical term now corpse juice.After his cat was killed by a car, artist Bart Jansen decided to turn its corpse into a flying machine, because there is no point in being insane if you can’t ray ban sunglasses use your insanity to give other people nightmares. This is one of those things that seem like it should be illegal somehow, but what law could it possibly be breaking? The animal was already dead, after all. It was actually taken just as the evening sun peeked through a hole in the clouds in Glacier National cheap nfl jerseys Park, Montana. Unless photographer Harry Litchman is just screwing with us.

Rambah 10 Desa Layanan Kesehatan Gratis Mobil Sehat PGN

BAKSOS : Foto bersama Kades, aparat dam dari PGN Sidoarjo usai Baksos di Balai Desa Balongbendo Krian Sidoarjo

Terasa semakin luas jangkauan dan manfaat yang diberikan dari layanan kesehatan gratis yang diberikan PGN dalam program TJSL (Tanggung Jawab Sosial Lingkungan) bekerjasama dengan LK ESQ Jatim.  Dalam kurun waktu 3 bulan ini layanan pengobatan gratis sudah menjangkau 10 desa yang masuk area PGN Pasuruan dan PGN Sidoarjo.

dr. Supeni saat menyampaikan sambutan di acara Baksos Mobil Sehat PGN Desa Keboharan

Dalam setiap aksinya LK ESQ Jatim dibantu tim medis dari RS. Al-Irsyad Surabaya, sudah melaksanakan program ini selama 3 bulan yang dimulai dari bulan Desember dan sudah menjangkau sebanyak 10 desa. Adapun data penerima manfaat Mobil Sehat PGN ini sebagai berikut :


Nama Desa

Wilayah PGN Area

Pelaksanaan Kegiatan

Jumlah Warga/ Pasien

1. Wonokoyo Pasuruan



2. Gununggangsir Pasuruan



3. Balongbendo Sidoarjo



4. Randupitu Pasuruan



5. Sumbersuko Pasuruan



6. Keboharan Pasuruan



7. Banjartanggul Sidoarjo



8. Betro Sidoarjo



9. Cangkring Malang Pasuruan



10. Raci Pasuruan



Desa-desa penerima manfaat layanan kesehatan gtatis ini memberikan pelayanan ke warga sebanyak 1633 warga yang terbagi dari 10 dusun di wilayah Pasuruan dan Sidoarjo.

When every inch counts, don’t sacrifice surface area for the Baratas Ray Ban small stuff. Mount your paper towel holder to get it up and Cheap Oakleys out of the way. Which means he’s going to have to come up to the line of scrimmage and take a step back and then get into his stance. When your wide receivers get into their stance, they want to have one foot forward, they want to have good position and be ready to fire off the line. The interior wholesale nfl jerseys is furnished with items that once belonged to the Hardings. Don’t miss the kitchen, with its collection of the most up to date appliances from the early twentieth century. Mr. GRISHAM: All legitimate. The last time Miami made the postseason was 2008 with Chad Pennington at the helm. Needless to say it’s been cheap nfl jerseys a while. By the way, while IBM has been busy following roadmaps, Bezos and his merry band of builders have been constructing AWS, a platform model which begets more platform models, which in turn (or so it appears) beget still more. AWS dominates the multi tenant public cloud with over 80% share and $5 billion in revenue. Depending on how your opponent plays, zone defense is usually preferred over man defense for one reason: PICKS. With zones, slants are dangerous and can result in easy linebacker interceptions if not timed right. It’s been a disappointing start to the season for Dallas, and further bad press after a tough loss is the last thing the organization needs. The Cowboys better hope Bryant and Co. But the damage had already been done. Dawn, 37, was suspicious about Jack’s increased absences and checked his mobile phone bill to see which numbers he had been calling. “People come home from work when the games are on. People are walking off the train to go home while people are walking off the train to go to the ball game at the same time, so it’s a different environment around here.”. As a Polish friend observed to me some years ago: prada online outlet Till the year 48 the Polish problem has been to a certain extent a convenient rallying point for all manifestations of liberalism. Since that time we have come to be regarded simply as a nuisance. Whether you live at the beach or a thousand miles ray bans sale away from one, you can plan an indoor beach party that will help bring summer fun despite cool November weather. Ask guests to dress in Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts to commemorate the birthday boy or girl’s special day. The iteration process of the EE algorithm is implicit. We developed a Fisher scoring algorithm for the weighted LS method. Peter Clark, in the same question response on Quora writes, “about 9% of Twitter users use the Tweetie iPhone client [1]. Tweetie sells for $2.99 (and there were two versions.) If we assume 25M twitter users, and Tweetie 1 had 4% (based on quick googling) market share, and Tweetie has 9% market share, that is approx 4,000,000 downloads at $2.99 a pop: $12M, minus the Apple Tax (30%) that means the Tweetie developer has made approx $8,400,000.
“He believes that the risk has been substantially mitigated through the assurances that we received through the Emir of Qatar,” Kirby said at the time of the release. “I would remind you that these are assurances that the emir personally gave to the President of the United States. Set aside a couple days to practice. Get a baseball, a glove and go to a field with a friend. Start the tape with your best performances in the biggest games cheap nfl jerseys of the year. If you led your cheap jordan shoes team to the conference tournament championship with 10 points in the final quarter, lead off your tape with those highlights. Finally, some basic tricks about online shopping need your attention. Thus, do remember to ask the supplier whether the Karen Millen curvaceous satin dress you see will be the item you will receive or not. Keep your chat record, which may prevent you from falling into any impairment of benefit. Ladies, in the occasion you actually come upon a guy putting on sunglasses indoors, really feel totally free to go as significantly as him an unceremoniously kick him during the balls. That’s sort of my default go to position. As I’m sitting here, you can see if I’m riding down the road looking forward, my neck’s at a fairly relaxed anatomical angle, I’ve got a nice, healthy bend to my arms instead of being locked out I’ve got a nice bend to them, and I can just lightly wrap my hands around the handlebar. She was arrested on a DUI charges, and he was allowed to leave in a taxi.The bodies were discovered by McNair’s longtime friend, Wayne Neeley, who rents the condo in the upscale Rutledge Hill neighborhood with McNair.Neeley then called Robert Gaddy, who had been friends with McNair since they played at Alcorn State.”People have certain oakley sunglasses outlet things that they do in life,” Gaddy told The Associated Press on Sunday. “We don’t need to look on the situation at this time (but) Cheap Football Jerseys on the fact we just lost a great member of society.”Cook said he was not aware that McNair was seeing Kazemi, a woman whose name the agent learned about through reports of the shooting.”It doesn’t make any sense. Former world cruiserweight champion and Sydney Olympian Danny Green sparred with the schoolboy sensation before his loss to America’s Hall of Fame bound Antonio Tarver last year. While he’s a ”massive” supporter, Green appreciated the discount football jerseys realities Opetaia faces. He then retired after a few seasons and returned to Durham and married Annie Savoy, his longtime baseball muse and the woman in the menage a trois with Laloosh. Crash and Annie separated only after a year. Hi, my name’s Joe, and I’m at Break Time Billiards, in Wilmington, North Carolina. We’re going to talk today about how to jump a ball.
Following the show Jesse did provide Jessica with a ticket to the east coast and intended to continue the courtship. While Jessica didn’t come east, the two attempted to maintain the courtship despite being separated by the 2000+ miles that lay between the East and West coasts of the Untied States. However, following The Bachelor show filming, Jesse’s focus was on attempting to breath life into his fading football career while at the same time attempting to breath life into his new found broadcast career as a back up to the football career. At the same time Jessica was focused on getting through law school and becoming a lawyer. Just as Christopher Columbus and other early European explorers were thwarted in their attempt to find a sea route from Europe to the Orient by the American landmass, so too, did Jesse and Jessica find ray ban sunglasses the two thousand plus miles of North America that lay between Jesse’s home and career on one side of the continent and Jessica’s home and blooming career on the other side of the continent to be too big an obstacle to their budding romance. In June of 2004 the two accepted the fact that the realities discount football jerseys of real life were more difficult than the hothouse reality of reality TV, and announced that they were breaking off ray bans sale their romance and going their separate ways. They did, however, state that their friendship remained.Once Damian McKenzie gets his test boarding pass, all hell will break loose.The careful grooming of McKenzie who oakley sunglasses is bound to take over from Aaron Cruden as the game breaking back reserve will increase the threat many fold.One day, he will be the starting No. 10.Which brings me to Steve Hansen, and Mark Ella.Ella, the legendary Aussie inside back of old, reckons that Mickey Mouse could coach the current All Black team to victory. ‘The attention was nice and so I avoided telling her that I was happily married. I didn’t wear a ring, so she had no reason to suspect. cheap nfl jerseys We met over the next three weeks and slept together twice before I came to my senses and finished it. I love my wife very much. She’s a great mother, very caring and beautiful. The perfect woman, in fact. I cannot believe how stupid I was to risk everything we had for an affair.’And as I write in the book, if you cheap oakleys sunglasses actually look at Pat Tillman’s thoughts, you know, in terms of speaking with his parents and speaking with his friends, you see that he like a lot of Americans was somebody who was very gung ho about the war on terror early on. He joined as a visceral reaction to the tragedies of September 11th. But as the years went on, cheap jerseys he began to see the Iraq war, as he put it to a friend, quote unquote, “illegal,” and he began to have serious doubts about the conflict itself, which makes how he was used immediately after his death all the more monstrous.